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5.2 cu.ft. Large Capacity

Washer capacity has a direct impact on how much time you spend doing laundry. Larger tub size means fewer loads, and fewer loads means more time doing other things you love. With a washer capacity of 5.2 cu. ft. you can quickly wash more laundry in a single load, saving you time and effort.

5.2 cu.ft. Large Capacity

Keeps your front load washer fresh

For the ultimate in convenience, the new Samsung washing machine’s SelfClean+ technology keeps the drum, and also the gasket, clean to get rid of accumulated dirt without using harsh chemicals

Keeps your front load washer fresh

Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

The new Samsung washing machine’s innovative Smart Care technology is an error-monitoring system. It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions through the LED screen, using a smartphone App*.
* Available on Android and iOS devices.

Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

Peaceful Washing

VRT™ technology reduces noise to an incredibly low level. Its innovative tub design balances heavy loads quietly and with ease.

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  • 5.2  Washing Capacity (cu.ft)
  • LED Panel Display
  • 686 x 984 x 864 mm Physical specification
  • 99 kg Net Weight


Quiet and versatile, the Samsung 5.2 cu. ft. washer can make laundry day easier. Eight cycles can tackle everything from bed sheets to gym clothes, while Vibration Reduction Technology PLUS reduces noise and vibration as the washer works. Smart Care technology makes it easier to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

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***Please Note: Pedestal not included.

Gentle on clothes, quiet by design

  • Front load washer with Diamond Drum is gentle on your laundry and won't snag your favourite outfits
  • 5.2 cu. ft. capacity can handle family-sized loads and bulky items like linens and towels, with ease
  • Vibration Reduction Technology PLUS cuts down noise and vibration during washes for a quieter clean

Cycles and options for your needs

  • 8 wash cycles include Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Bedding, Active Wear, Delicates, Quick Wash, and Rinse + Spin
  • 4 water temperature options and 3 water level options provide versatility for different fabrics and load sizes

Easy maintenance

  • Smart Care technology actively monitors, detects, and diagnoses technical problems at an early stage, and gives you access to troubleshooting options on your smartphone
  • SelfClean+ technology keeps the washer drum hygienic without using any detergent

 Model: WF45M5100AW

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