Onkyo 1190W 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver TX-NR656-Refurbished

Onkyo 1190W 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver TX-NR656-Refurbished

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Experience all your home entertainment like never before with this TX-NR656 7.2-channel A/V receiver from Onkyo. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-ready for immersive, multidimensional sound, this workhorse is loaded with awesome features and technologies that are sure to make your home theatre setup the envy of all your friends.

Immersive, multidimensional sound

  • Dolby Atmos envelops the room in multidimensional sound that'll have you ducking for cover when you hear an airplane whizzing by above you.
  • DTS:X technology creates a lifelike audio experience by placing sound where it would naturally be heard. It lets you control dynamic range and dialogue, so now you'll understand everything Christian Bale and Tom Hardy say in The Dark Knight Rises.
  • AccuEQ calibrates the home theatre system to fit your space. It measures speaker distance, type, crossover, and output, and considers sonic reflections from the walls and floor. System calibration has never been easier.

4K now and beyond

  • 8 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs support 4K UHD and 4:4:4 colour space to preserve the rich, detailed images from your high-definition content. See every nuance of colour and texture in a lush junglescape or neon coral reef in your favourite nature documentaries.
  • HDCP 2.2 and HDR support means you can rest assured that you're covered for the future of 4K.

Crystal-clear, cinematic sound

  • This 1190W receiver pumps out 170W per channel to fuel a full 7.2-channel surround sound system for accurate, dynamic audio. You'll lose yourself in the action, whether it's a Game of Thrones episode or a classic Schwarzenegger action movie.
  • High-current Dynamic Audio Amplification delivers authentic sound reproduction by precisely controlling the speaker drivers, while Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) provides well-defined audio free of pulse noise. The result? Reference-quality audio the way it was meant to be heard.
  • It supports Hi-Res audio playback of MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, AAC, DSD 5.6 MHz, and other formats. Whether you're shaking your hips to an Elvis oldie or moonwalking to a Michael Jackson classic, you'll hear clean, powerful sound reproduction.

Wireless and wired connectivity

  • Built-in Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and AirPlay give you the flexibility to stream content from a variety of sources. Blast an 80s playlist from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, or tune into your favourite internet radio station.
  • This receiver comes preloaded with internet radio and music streaming services (subscription required) such as Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Tidal, and Deezer to open up a world of musical possibilities for you.
  • Powered Zone 2 and Zone 2 Line Out let you distribute audio playback to different rooms via FireConnect technology. Pump out the same music in every room or throw on Coldplay in the kitchen and Ludacris in the living room.
  • Free Onkyo remote streaming apps for iOS and Android devices let you control the receiver and play music from your device or online streaming service. You can even adjust levels and audio presets, or even change the device settings.

Other features you'll love about it

  • Advanced Music Optimizer DSP technology improves compressed digital audio quality (including Bluetooth streamed audio).
  • This receiver sports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Decoding and 32-bit digital signal processing engines.
  • It's also equipped with a bi-amping capability for front channels, non-phase shift amp circuits for realistic imaging, and PLL (Phase Locked Loop) jitter-cleaning circuit technology for S/PDIF audio.
  • Hybrid Standby function with HDMI passthrough lets you enjoy all of your connected A/V components while your receiver is in standby mode.

Required accessories (sold separately)

  • Cables you'll need: HDMI (to connect the receiver to your TV) and speaker wire (for connecting the receiver to your speakers)
  • Optional cables: optical or coaxial cables (for digital audio) and RCA cables (for connecting older gear)